Testing 1 2 3

Please don’t waste your time reading this. This is just a test. I want to see if I can link this site to another one or if I will have broken links. Today I opened up a channel a You Tube.com My channel name is penacan.  http://www.facebook.com/rich.jacobs3 is my facebook url. http://www.youtube.com  is where my channel penacan is. I am too verbose to tweet. I spent a lot of time making a blog at http://www.writersdigest.com where I am a member of the writers digest community. I guess since this is a test I will try to post up a picture or image of something before I quit for now.  I noticed a button that says links with a menu that says add links.  apparently my link here is https://damnedindistress.wordpress.com  with more junk behind that. I just used spell check and noticed I was spelling a lot in correctly like allot as in an allotment. I will worry about how to upload a picture for illustration of the blog anothetr time.


About penacan

Age 60. College Grad. Single. Retired trying to publish 4 manuscripts but not in a big hurry. I am technically a hermit. I live in a one room cabin but have dreams of expanding it. Recently I got electricity. I do not have running water or indoor plumbing. I have satellite tv and radio now. I lived in rural Missouri for several years without electricity so I ended up reading several barrels of books to save my batteries on my radio. Now that I have electric the only thing I read are blogs. I have dial-up and a very old Compaq Presario 1200 without an ethernet card. So..don't send me photos or videos please. They take too long to transport.
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